The research team for Bridging the Gap represent the four GW4 universities and a wide range of expertise in arts and humanities research. They have also worked with a diverse set of partners as you’ll see below…


tim colePrincipal Investigator – Tim Cole / Tim Cole is professor of Social History at the University of Bristol. Tim has worked on collaborative projects with community groups, heritage organisations and digital entrepreneurs and leads the Brigstow Institute. The Brigstow Institute supports experimental research collaborations with a wide range of goals – from improving the use of public space, to re-framing dialogue on slavery, or creatively anticipating environmental change.



Co – Investigator / Creative Economy – Anthony MandalAnthony2 / Anthony Mandal is Professor of Print and Digital Cultures at Cardiff University. Anthony explores history of the book, digital humanities and nineteenth-century literature. He is especially interested in how that literary work can be re-imagined through both scholarly editing and creative remediation. He is Director of Cardiff’s Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research, which focuses on combining traditional literary scholarship with new developments in digital technologies. Between 2013-2016 he worked with a games company to translate the experience of gothic literature into an immersive literary game.



marianna dudleyCo- I / Environmental Humanities – Marianna Dudley / Marianna Dudley is Lecturer in Environmental Humanities at the University of Bristol. Her projects have involved collaboration and research with surfers, fishermen and artists. Marianna has also authored walking routes that explore the environmental legacy of military training areas and is currently working on a new collaboration on environmental issues in Colombia.



Co-Investigator / Environmental Humanities – Peter Coates peter coates2/ Peter Coates is Professor of American and Environmental History at the University of Bristol.  His research has ranged from Alaskan oil pipelines to eels, watery places and wildlife filmmaking (via things like sparrows, squirrels, salmon, sound, orchards, spirit of place and the unexpected biodiversity of militarized landscapes). He is happiest outdoors, in water, and has worked on AHRC-funded projects with partners such as the MoD’s Environmental Support Team, the National Trust, the Quantock Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Bristol Zoo and the BBC’s Natural History Unit. What he really wants to do is write the definitive history of the avocado.


Co-Investigator / Heritage – Nicola Thomasnicola thomas / Nicola Thomas is associate professor in Cultural Historical Geography at the University of Exeter. In a number of projects Nicola has worked with individuals and organisations in craft and creative technologies, and heritage organisations such as museums and archives. This has included producing creative outputs of her own, as well as recommendations for policy on creative industries.



Co-Investigator / Modern Languages – Christina Horvath christina horvath/ Christina Horvath is a senior lecturer in French Politics at the University of Bath, with a special interest in urban narratives and disadvantaged communities. Christina co-founded the Banlieue Network (AHRC, 2012-14) which worked with a wide range of cultural, government institutions and artists in order to address segregation and disenfranchisement in French suburbs. She is currently leading the University of Bath’s team in the CO-CREATION project which has received £500,000 from the European Commission to develop and test, via case studies and workshops in the UK, France, Brazil and Mexico, a new methodology enabling researchers and stakeholders to use art projects to alleviate territorial stigmatization in cities.


mecroppedResearch Associate / Liz Haines

Liz researches the history of science and knowledge. Over recent years she has collaborated with archives, museums, artists, film-makers and dancers to create live events, exhibitions and radio broadcasts. As well as exploring research collaborations across the Great West for Bridging the Gap, she is currently working on a project at the Science Museum on opening up access to their stored collections.

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