Creative Economy

Jekyll and Hyde -  a source of inspiration for contemporary video game manufacturers?

Creativity is hugely important part of the identity and industries of the South West from traditional handicrafts to innovation in the latest digital technologies. Researchers at the GW4 universities have already conducted collaborations right across the creative industries, from local community arts, to digital start-ups, to large global institutions such as the BBC.

In this strand of the project, led by Anthony Mandal, Bridging the Gap will be focusing on two particular questions:

  • What kind of research collaborations are most beneficial to large cultural organisations?
  • How do collaborations between universities and the creative industries impact the wider spectrum of creative communities in the region?

Image: Jekyll and Hyde. See Jekyll 2.0 from the REACT project (2012-2016) that brought academics and creative technologists together to stimulate innovation in the Creative Economy.

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