Environmental Humanities

working_clay-225x300There is a rich legacy of human environmental intervention in the GW4 region: landscapes built through agriculture and fishing, mining, military, and leisure activities. This is recognised by the scale of protected landscapes. More than a quarter of the area of the UKs National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and more than 120 National Trust properties can be found within the GW4 region. GW4 researchers in the environmental humanities are uniquely placed to build long-term relationships that bring their expertise to bear on these sites and histories.

In Bridging the Gap, Peter Coates and Marianna Dudley will lead an exploration of the potential of research residencies and long-term collaborative relationships. We will be considering how ‘spending time together’ might open up possibilities for both researchers and partner organisations to ask new questions, engage new audiences, and collaboratively imagine new sustainable futures.

Image: Ana and Mireia at the Into the Mud workshop. From Power and the Water (2013-2017) a project that examined how industrial water infrastructures generate both new distances and fresh bonds between places, peoples, institutions and cultures.

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