gw4 treasures Science-TechnologyThe South West has a rich and vibrant heritage sector. Sites of globally recognised importance such as Stonehenge and the Jurassic Coast, are just one part of an intricate web of historical material culture that records human activities from generations of blacksmithing, to the stories of new migrant communities.

Participants in the sector range from large national organisations such as the National Trust or English Heritage, to small but committed clusters of enthusiasts. All of these groups make vital contributions to preserving records of the past, framing how the past is imagined, and bringing it to life.

In this strand of the Bridging the Gap, led by Nicola Thomas, we will be focusing on some of the practical obstacles to collaboration between university researchers and heritage organisations. We will also consider how universities can support research projects that might not easily find funding from other sources.

See also the Heritage selection in our Resources.

Image: A montage of treasures from the special collections within GW4 that relate to the history of science and technology.

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