Toolkits and guidance on collaboration

There is a lot of advice available on research collaboration between universities and external partners, but it isn’t always that easy to find. Here below are a selection of documents that we have found particularly useful.



  • UntitledKings College London, in partnership with the BBC made a study of research collaboration between publicly funded cultural organisations and universities: The Art of Partnering. The report is rich in detail, with learning gathered from existing collaborations at all kinds of scale.




The Research Council has been running a programme CLK snapshotcalled Connected Communities since 2012. This programme is deliberately designed to support and extend the connection between university research and communities across the UK. Last year the team reported on their learning from this project in Creating Living Knowledge. This report addresses the personal and institutional capacities necessary for successful collaboration, and the  ways in which particular collaborative methods lead to more or less ‘fair’ outcomes for those involved.




lond museums logo etcLondon Museums Group have published a series of resources that address practical issues at various stages of university collaboration with the heritage sector – from getting in contact and initiating a partnership, to project planning, through to project management.


connected comm snapshot


Connected Communities (see above) have also been active in providing guides for to particular aspects of collaboration. Here you can find their guides to the Practicalities and Ethics of collaboration, produced with the University of Bristol.

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